Dr. Alan Chamberlain, PhD.

President & Chief Geologist

Dr. Chamberlain attended five western North American Universities and earned five degrees including a BS, MS, and PhD in geology and worked for Exxon, Gulf, Marathon and Placid oil companies. Several major oil companies encouraged him to leave Placid in 1984 and initiate the first Great Basin geological survey. He has been directing the survey ever since as serving as president and chief geologist of Cedar Strat Corp.

Olivio Manuel

  • Started a mining operation for Diamonds and some gold in Sierra Leon and Angola 2005-2015 with 30 employees.

  • Promoted as an Advisor and consultant for Uniprev Angola on a International contrition business development, by taking a consultant for American Steel and the owner of Born International US companies, along with Blue Ocean a Chinese company, for a new Urbanization development in the country of Angola in 2012.

  • Worked for two different Hospital organization as a Manager for 5 years managing between 45 to 120 people on staff.

  • Self- Employed as importer and exporter of car parts, electronics and apparel.

  • Worked retail for Ben Bridge Jewelers, Whitehall, The Jewelers of Las Vegas, Zale’s and others; Worked as independent appraisal for Zale’s in Las Vegas, and appraised Estate Jewelry and watches.

  • Graduated from UVSC with Political Science and at UNLV with BSBA in Economics and Business Administration.

  • Graduated from GIA in Carlsbad CA, Gemological Institute of America as a gemologist in 2000. Experienced in polished diamond grading, appraisal, pricing and marketing.  Also, has same experience in color stones such as; Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, garnets, etc.

  • Studied rough diamond grading, appraising, marketing and buying at AIDC, Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2005.

  • Former professional Basketball player in Portugal and Coach; played for the Angola National Team.

Larry McMaster

Heavy Equipment Manager

Forty five years in mineral exploration and mine geology/development.  Project development and supervision has involved grass roots exploration, regional reconnaissance, property evaluation, RC and core drilling, surface and underground mine development. The above projects have been for base, lithofile and precious metals accompanied by reports, presentations and in conjunction with various geophysical systems.

Exploration projects range from Proterozoic sediment hosted precious and copper/cobalt deposits, mesothermal gold/silver systems, porphyry gold, copper/molybdenite, molybdenite, tin, tungsten deposits to epithermal/ volcanic hosted precious metal deposits and placer gold.  Mine work related to these mineral settings are: Gooseberry Mine – vein gold and silver; Round Mountain Gold – disseminated epithermal gold deposit.; Cove/McCoy Mine - porphyry and sediment hosted base metal and gold mine; Getchell Mine – sediment hosted gold; Bald Mountain Mine – porphyry gold.  Porphyry gold/copper exploration and drilling in the Huancavelica Dept., Peru; porphyry copper exploration and drilling at Piedras Verdes, Sonora, Mexico, Coeur-Rochester Mine evaluating gold/silver satellite deposits.  The latest project was consulting geologist for the Pershing Gold’s Relief Canyon Mine, Lovelock, Nevada.

Geotechnical work has been with Alyeska Pipeline in planning re-routes of the oil transmission line related to rock/soil instability.  Monitor well drilling with Nye County, Nevada at the Yucca Mountain storage site was related to data collection for future planning.

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